In many parts of the world today people are looking for alternative frameworks with which to align their lives. We’ve lived in this bubble for so long that tells us that if we can have more and buy more and spend more and have more followers then, and only then, we can have the joy and true happiness that we so desperately search for.

But what if there was a belief system, or a framework for your life, that could grant you true happiness and inner peace at any stage of your life, no matter if you’re rich or poor, lonely or surrounded by friends, in a great career or struggling to get by? Well, I present to you the ancient Greek philosophy that is Stoicism.

Join me as I present weekly episodes showcasing some of the best and most practical advice from the great stoic philosophers.

Episode #63 – Interview with Roderic Yapp

Episode #63 – Interview with Roderic YappIn this episode, Simon Drew has a wide-ranging conversation with Roderic Yapp. About Rod: Roderic Yapp is a specialist leadership consultant and accredited coach. He supports major business transformations by improving the capability of leaders so that they can execute the transformation strategy.A former Royal Marines Officer, he was fortunate…

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Episode #60 – Interview with Donald Robertson

​Episode #​60 – ​Interview with Donald RobertsonIn this episode Simon Drew ​has a wide ranging conversation with Donald Robertson. About Donald Robertson: Donald Robertson is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, trainer, and author who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and the use of CBT and clinical hypnotherapy. He is the author of many articles on philosophy and…

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